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Salón Gizela
Štěpánská 61
110 00 Praha 1

Tel.: +420 224 213 716
Email: info@paruky.cz

Opening Hours:

Mo-Fr 8:30 - 19



For more than 20 years we have been here for you right in the center of Prague. The Salon Gizela was founded in 1992 by Mgr. Vojtěch Hausknecht, currently still the owner of the company.

The first place where the company started selling wigs and hairpieces was the House Elegance in the Prague Příkopy. After the House Elegance was sold in the privatization, the company moved into the premises of the Institute of Dr. Leoš Středa on Národní třída.

Given the need for larger spaces and great cooperation, the Salon Gizela together with the Institute Dr. Středa move from Národní třída at the Wenceslas Square 36. The company is constantly growing and in 1996 it rents separate retail premises in the Lucerna Palace, Štěpánská street in Prague 1, where it has its site until today.

Štěpánská 61|116 02 Prague 1|www.lucerna.cz|lucerna@lucerna.cz|tel.: +420 224 224 537