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velky sal

Grand Hall

Multigenre concert hall which hosts performances of popular musical stars. The Grand Hall is also essential for the ball season. The atmosphere of Lucerna is unique. World famous music stars have performed in this hall, and according to a popular Czech saying, if a Czech musician has not performed here, it is as if he did not exist.... 

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music bar

Lucerna Music Bar

In the 20 years since its inception, The Lucerna Music Bar has become one of the most important music venues in the Czech Republic. The location has a rich cultural tradition and prides itself on making every concert a very special experience, where the artists seem to be within grasp during their performance on the famous round stage. Hundreds of local and foreign bands have already performed on this stage.Just to mention a few are artists such as: Joss Stone, Earth, Wind & Fire, Maceo Parker, Hurts, The Parov Stelar Band, Stephen and Kymani Marley, Major Lazer, Living Colour, Keisza, The Subways, Two Door Cinema Club, Incognito, Pat Metheny, Robben Ford, Mos Def, Mark Lanegan and José González. An all-time favorite are the 80’s & 90’s video-parties, which have been taking place every Friday and Saturday since 2000.


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lucerna velky sal

Kino Lucerna

was inaugurated on 3. 12. 1907 and is on of the oldest cinemas still in operation accross Europe and the world. During this incredibly long time, tens of thousands of movie titles were shown on the cinema screen of this prestigious cinema, which is an integral part and decoration of the Lucerna Palace, millions of viewers sat in the seats and hundreds of movie stars stood on the stage at grand premieres of their films.

The cinema can be rented for conferences, company presentations, etc.., including catering services. The cinema also offers the possibility of screenings or previews of movies for your clients or partners, moderated events with accompanying program for corporate parties and other activities. Combined with the Café and the Marble Hall it provides a unique complex offering a wide range of possibilities. The cinema is equipped with cutting-edge 4K digital technology also enabling 3D projection, with Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system.

Capacity of the cinema: 453 seats


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maly sal lucerna

Lucerna Cinema Small Hall

welcomed its first audience at the end of 2013. The premises in which it was created have a very interesting history - more than seventy years ago, there used to be a private screening room of the co-owner of the Lucerna Palace and the founder of the Barrandov studios Miloš Havel (the uncle of President Václav Havel and his brother, a scientist, Ivan M. Havel). The hall had served primarily for private previews of films produced under brand of the production company Lucernafilm, or for private screenings accessible only to the closest friends of the owner. As far as we know, there had never been screenings organized for the general public. After the nationalization the hall was closed and the premises were structurally divided into several smaller rooms.

The small hall of the Lucerna cinema is a brand new and fully equipped digitized cinema hall suitable for private screenings, lectures, conferences or seminars. It offers all the technological equipment of a modern cinema hall combined with a unique interior with seats portraying famous personalities from the world and Czech cinematography. Together with the private club Koníček it offers the perfect setup for private events.

The hall is equipped with 2K digital projector with 3D projection and Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system.

Capacity: 51 seats


T | rentals - Bedřich Němec +420 602 329 906

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mramorovy sal

Marble Hall

We offer you for rent the Marble Hall of the Lucerna Palace at the best address in the city center, in close proximity to Wenceslas Square. 

The access to the Marble Hall leads through a representative staircase from the Lucerna Passage. The stylish hall attracts attention at first glance with dominant marble columns, crystal chandeliers, art nouveau stucco ceiling and marble walls.

The Marble Hall is an elegant venue for social events, eg. smaller balls, fashion shows, lectures and seminars, chamber concerts, corporate presentations and other.

Capacity: 150 to 350 people depending on the purpose (concert: 150 persons, reception: 350 persons)

Area: 300 m2

Facilities: parquet floor, stage, dressing room, toilets


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pasaz lucerna

Lucerna Gallery - Contemporary Art Veneu

Lucerna Palace is one of the most important cultural hubs for concerts and motion pictures in Europe. In October 2015 Lucerna Gallery will enlarge its portfolio of activities by providing a forum for contemporary visual art in all its forms. Apart from exhibitions, Gallery will offer a wide range of other activities, such as book presentations, discussions or concert projects. The interior of the venue was designed by Martin Rajniš and David Kubík 

Capacity: 150 - 200

Area: 400m2


T  | exhibitions, rentals: Prokop Havel  +420 889 277

T  | exhibitions, rentals: Ladislav Snopko +420 607 049 966

T  | bar and catering, rentals: Petr Habovčík +420 734 854 632

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kavarna lucerna

Lucerna Café

Lucerna Café is an architectural gem, a comfortable, stylish café which offers pleasant relaxation before the visit of the cinema or after watching a film. It is a very nice place for friendly or small business meetings. The entire café can be used as background for events held in the cinema or the Marble Hall, it is equipped with a projector and sound system for special events. The area is variable and can be adjusted to the requirements of clients.

Area: 300 m2

Capacity: 120 seating places


T | rentals – Petr Habovčík +420 734 854 632

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klub konicek

Club Koníček

The private Club Koníček, located next to Hospoda Lucerna is suitable for smaller or private events. The club has its own bar and a fireplace, the interior is equipped with upholstered furniture and decorated with portraits of the Havel family. The club is ideal for receptions after events organized in the small hall of the Lucerna cinema.

Area: 90 m2

Capacity: 44 seats


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pasaz lucerna

Lucerna Passage

The Palace is represents an extensive complex with a network of passages styled in the period of transition from Art Nouveau to Modernism. The Passage offers to visitors stores which, contrary to modern commercial shopping centers, offer products helping to slow down the fast pace of the consumer world.

The Passage is ideal for exhibitions, shows, small concerts and other promotional events. Thanks to its convenient position it is a highly frequented place guaranteeing maximum impact.


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