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Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou

Lucerna Music Bar

21.00 Úterý 09.11.2021

Od 521,-

OBSAZENÍ D Smack U Promotion, Alice Phoebe Lou, Lucerna Music Bar
TAGY Alternative/Indie, Contemporary folk

*Concert of Alice Phoebe Lou in Lucerna Music Bar in Prague.* Alice Phoebe Lou is a South African singer-songwriter. She has played festivals such as SXSW and TEDx Berlin. Starting out as a foreigner without a home, she has made it to the top German and Austrian iTunes music genre charts. At the age of 16, Alice made her first journey to Paris. Inspired by watching fire dancers, she began to perform likewise to get enough money to fund her traveling. She made a breakthrough in here career when she moved to Berlin. The freedom of the city was intoxicating and she immersed herself in the creative world there. In Berlin she started to sing and play guitar as she found out that this was more lucrative than fire-dancing. She began collaborating with acoustic, jazz and electronic musicians; including Italian Matteo Pavesi who quickly became Alice’s live performance companion. Alice and Matteo play a mix of folk, blues and electronic music, inspired by the likes of Patti Smith and Portishead. In 2014, Alice released the EP _Momentum_ and in April 2016 her debut album _Orbit_ followed. In December 2017 her song She from the film _Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story_ was included on the Oscars shortlist for Best Original Song.

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